Marjan Kuyten studied law in Amsterdam. After graduation, she pursued her path into creative industries such as fashion magazine styling and eventually took evening classes to study leather craftsmanship. After two years of long evening sessions, she started her own company and opened her shop in the heart of Amsterdam.

  The fun part of my work is that I am continuously inspired and never stop learning. When I find new materials, they inspire new designs, and sometimes require new techniques to result in great products. Just like humans, no two skins are the same, so each skin requires a different choice of trimmings and approach in handling to craft a bag that you can rely on. This whole manufacturing process never stops to amaze me. By just using my hands, solid machinery and my imagination, I get to create my own designs from sheets of beautiful leather. As products, these skins will also age differently when you use them in your every day life. To me, it is enormously gratifying to create something new that has value to another person for at least a decade, but probably an entire life.

When I design a bag, I try to find the sweet spot between sturdy and plain on one hand and elegant and timeless on the other. In addition I try to think about what I look for in the perfect bag and what I miss in other designs out there

Photography | Artwork

Studio Berkhout
Maarten Vis
Antal.TV (webdevelopment)